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Brock Kryton does portrait photography and headshots in Edmonton and across Alberta. Headshots in Edmonton can be completed in studio or on-location depending on the needs of you and your business. He has both the technical skill, equipment, and experience to handle any sort of portrait or headshot project. Whether you are looking for something that is contemporary and natural, or a look that is more traditional and posed, Brock can give you the right headshot for your Edmonton business. Brock has worked with hundreds of Clients in his 9 year span as an Edmonton headshot and portrait photographer. He has worked with Great West Canadian Talent providing headshots for their Edmonton clients, some of whom have gone on to film major features with actors such as Michael Madsen and other Hollywood stars. Brock also enjoys doing creative portrait and headshot photography in Edmonton for people requiring images for editorial or advertising purposes. Brock is an experienced professional who takes his process very seriously and looks forward to making a difference with the kind of work he provides.