Lance Clarke


Lance has a background in martial arts and parkour—not exactly the background most filmmakers come from, but we don’t need to look far to see that is, in fact, possible---just look at Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan!

Lance found his way into the film and television industry performing stunts with an elite parkour troupe at high profile events such as the Toronto International Film Festival and The Singing Christmas Tree in Edmonton. He was also featured in a commercial for ATB Financial.

He’s travelled the globe and has mentored under some of the best stunt performers in the world such as Marvin Ross (Captain America: Civil War), Travis Wong (Transformers, Call of Duty, Pacific Rim, Doctor Strange, Jungle Book), and Chase Armitage (Harry Potter).

In 2017, he won second prize in WFPF’s The Jump Off — an annual international parkour competition held in Las Vegas.

As a millennial, Lance inevitably started to create his own personal videos for social media. He choreographed his own fight sequences, re-created scenes from movies like John Wick, Marvel, Power Rangers, and experimented with visual effects.

His passion for business, along with his creative affinities, is what attracted us to him. Previous to Lance’s joining of the Kryton team, Lance was an Operations Manager at a successful Parkour gym in Edmonton. He helped build the business from start-up through to the opening of two additional locations around the city. The company still sees success to this day.

Lance’s sore knees caused by years of tumbling down extreme verticals prompted him to re-think his long-term strategy. With an eye focused on the future, Lance decided to redirect his focus towards film in a full-time capacity; and, we are certainly glad he did! We don’t foresee him coming down from such great heights in this industry any time soon!